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No one person or law enforcement agency can be aware of every situation that occurs in a neighborhood at all times. That's why neighbors are the best defense against crime. To help build strong neighborhood crime prevention networks, the Plymouth Police Department sponsors Neighborhood Watch (PDF).

Crime and the opportunity for crime go hand-in-hand. Neighborhood Watch reduces the opportunity for crime in your neighborhood. By implementing basic crime prevention techniques, having neighbors watch out for one another and reporting suspicious activity to police, neighbors create a unified front against crime. This increases the risk to criminals and decreases the likelihood that a criminal will be successful.

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To learn more about the Neighborhood Watch program, please read our Neighborhood Watch Manual.

¡Los Programas de Vigilancia del Vecindario (Neighborhood Watch) funcionan! Los Grupos de Vigilancia del Vecindario trabajan juntos para reducir las oportunidades del crimen, aumentar el riesgo de detección del mismo, disminuir su probabilidad de éxito, y reportar cualquier actividad sospechosa inmediatamente llamando al 9-1-1.

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